Counseling Specialties

My Specialties include:

Couples – Marriage Counseling – Most often, couples come to see me because of “difficulty communicating with one another”. More times than not, I find there are other concerns in the relationship. I will work hard, along with you, to restore the loving relationship you once shared. I have worked alongside couples for 8 years and have training in the Gottman Principles for marriage.

Most of my work with couples includes:

  • Actively teaching effective ways of communicating;
  • Providing worksheets that focus on practicing active listening and verbal/non-verbal communication;
  • Examining six key areas of intimacy;
  • Exploring difficulties with shared responsibilities and learning to take responsibility for your part in this area.
  • Teaching the “Love and Respect” cycle in a marriage and restoring these two important components of a healthy relationship;
  • Assessing key areas of parental difficulties and teaching you how to become more of a team in this area.
  • Recovering from a past or current affair and moving you past the hurt to a place of love and forgiveness.

Pre-Marital Counseling Pre-marital counseling is typically 8-10 weeks, 1 hr per week, and includes sessions that cover all the necessary topics relating to marriage.

Topics will include: effective communication, conflict resolution, roles in marriage, managing money, responsibilities, intimacy, families and family of origin influences.

Adults – I work with adults on a variety of issues. Please know that I will augment most of my sessions with homework. I will commit to walking along side you on your journey to a more hopeful place.

Women – I truly have a passion for working with women of all ages. I believe that my own personal experiences enables me to have empathy for many issues that women face. I love helping women reach their true potential as well as letting go of past baggage that may be holding you back from becoming who you were created to be.

Men – Throughout my years of counseling men, I have developed great respect for men and the roles they have in our lives. I have often found that the responsibilties men feel can be great. Whether you feel disrespected, misunderstood, or just not sure what your role is, then I can help you become the man you want to be.

Young Adults – Young adulthood is a challenging and an ever-fast changing time in a person’s life. Many adjustment issues become the focus of these crucial years. I work with young adults and help them learn how to cope with the changing times. My focus is to help you feel secure again with who you are and with the direction you want to go.

Some other common areas of expertise are:

Adjustment disorders
Bipolar disorder
Chronic pain
Faith issues
Interpersonal struggles
Job issues
Life changes
Occupational problems
Panic attacks
Parenting skills
Pre-marital counseling
Relational problems
Self defeating behaviors
Sexual abuse
Social anxiety
Social phobia
Workplace issues

My personal beliefs about counseling:

I offer a non-judgmental attitude with the ability to listen and respond in a kind manner.

I augment most sessions with homework so that you can get the most out of your sessions.

I believe the counseling process is one of self-discovery and growth.

I believe in the sanctity of marriage and family and will do everything possible to assist you in restoring broken relationships.

I believe that one’s spirituality can be a source of inner strength.

I believe that one can change his/her thinking in order to change behavior and emotions.

My counseling approach is a direct approach helping you find a solution to your problems.

I believe Cognitive Behavioral Therapy is an effective approach to counseling and will introduce this to most of my clients. CBT’s basic belief is that our thoughts directly impact how we feel and how we feel will impact our behavior. Feel free to click on below link to learn more about Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.

Other theories of counseling are also incorporated in the counseling process, dependent upon the needs of my clients.

To learn more about the Profession of Counseling, please visit the Texas Department of Human Services website.


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