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Therapeutic MassageSarah Del Valle, LMT

Sarah is licensed by the Department of State Health Services Massage Therapy.  

Hours of Service: Based on availability and appointment.


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Swedish– This is the perfect massage for the client that just wants to relax. This massage will consist of light to medium pressure and long smooth massage techniques that will leave you feeling calm, peaceful and rejuvenated.

30 min $30.00 / 60 min $60.00 / 90 min $90.00

Deep Tissue-This is a deeper massage for the client who needs more muscle tension and trigger point release. The therapist will use heavy pressure, as well as their forearms and thumbs to work out tension areas.

30 min $40.00 / 60 min $70.00 / 90 min $105.00

Combo Massage-This massage will be a therapeutic combination of Swedish, Deep  Tissue and Stretching.  This would be an ideal massage for the client that needs deeper work in some areas (neck, shoulders, back) and lighter pressure in more sensitive areas.

30 min $35.00 / 60 min $65.00 / 90 min $95.00

Repetitive Stress Relieve Do you suffer from headaches, carpal tunnel, or sciatic pain down the back of the leg? This session will target specific areas causing chronic pain.

45.00 min $50.00

Facial Massage– A facial massage will focus on muscle restrictions around the eyes, cheeks, jaw and down into the front and back of the neck. This will help those that suffer from headaches and TMJ.

30 min $40.00


Sarah just purchased a Hydraulic Table for the benefits of her clients!

Some benefits of this specialized table are: 

  • The table is sturdier than a portable table, and this will provide the client with more sense of security. Especially for larger clients.
  • Handicap accessible.
  • The ability to adjust the height throughout the session will allow the therapist to use a variety of modalities regardless of the size and shape of the client.
  • A hydraulic table will aid in keeping the therapists and client from any type of massage injury.

 To schedule your massage:

Call Sarah Del Valle, LMT at 817-909-5255 to schedule your appointment.

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Hours of Operation:

Monday – Friday 10:00 – 7:00pm

Saturday – Scheduled based on appointments

Please arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment to complete your Massage Intake Form.