ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

I have been so amazed at the number of people that have chosen to participate in the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! I just completed my challenge today and donated also. The contagiousness of the challenge is a reminder of the human spirit and what we are truly capable of. It’s touching to see that goodness exists in so many people! Not only do we care about others and finding a cure for such a debilitating disease; we also love to have fun! Who doesn’t like getting ice cold water poured on them? As I watch the countless number of videos on Facebook, I can’t help but laugh out loud at each and every one! Something about the surprise element of the icy water that gets me every time. I know at some point the challenge will begin to dissipate, but I hope that we can all remember the generosity of so many and that the human spirit is capable of great things! And for all those that suffer from ALS, I pray this campaign will lead to finding a cure and end this terrible debilitating disease! #icebucketchallenge. To donate, visit

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