Reflection on Changing Your Self-Talk

As I reflect back on the hours upon hours of time I have spent redeveloping my Website, I am truly reminded of three things:

1. The patience that is required and;

2. Changing your self-talk can change how you feel about something; and

3. How much the details matter when building a website.

Often times, I’m faced with just simply needing more patience. It may be patience with myself or others. I do know that Patience is a Virtue! It doesn’t come easy and it takes continued practice. I’ve also discovered that patience starts in the mind first. As I was struggling to figure out “how to” with my website details, I found that it was the times I was being self-critical that was the hardest. What were the things I was saying to myself? “I just can’t do this.” “I’m simply not smart enough” and I could go on about the self-critical statements that really just led to more frustration. So I had to change my self-talk before I could go on any further – really made a difference!

To my second point: Details matter! One wrong code, one wrong step made a huge difference with the development of my website. Just as it is so in our personal lives, one wrong choice does make a difference in the details and the quality of our lives. Be careful, tread slowly when making decisions. Think through the possible outcomes of the details you are choosing!

My website may never be perfect but lessons were learned and I’ve decided it’s simply a work in progress. My life is the same – “A work in progress”.

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