Depression – The Silent Suffering

So saddened by the loss of such a creative genius. Robin Williams will always be remembered for his comedic talent and his ability to bring life to the amazing characters we’ve been privileged to know. So many do suffer in silence. Depression robs individuals of their ability to be around others. It brings about a sense of shame and self-doubt. It removes joy and laughter and replaces it with a heavy burden from everyday life. The dark cloud of depression CAN be lifted with help. We as a society must reach out and help those suffering. If you know someone who suffered from depression, there’s a good chance that it may return. Be aware of those people; if you haven’t heard from them for awhile, good chance they’ve isolated themselves. Call them! Lovingly persuade them to get help from their doctor and a therapist. If you are currently suffering from depression-there is hope! The negative messages in your head are a lie! You are valuable and worthy! You are fearfully and wonderfully made in the image of our amazing Father! May God rest the soul of Robin Williams and may we pray for the souls of others who suffer in silence.

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