Marriage Overhaul

I think about the Fall season approaching, I think about Spring cleaning. I know this may sound weird or abnormal but I typically do an overhaul on my closets, drawers, cabinets during the Fall. Something about finishing up the year with organization; really excites me :). When you think about an overhaul, it’s about reshaping, redoing, simply putting an abundant amount of energy toward something to come out with something new and improved.

Your marriage relationship deserves the same attention. Just because you’ve been married for many years doesn’t mean that your marriage can’t handle or need an overhaul. I encourage you and your spouse to find time to have an “Overhaul Weekend” during the Fall Season. Shed the old and bring on the new. Is it negative talk toward each other that you may need to shed; what about bossing one another, or simply putting others things first? Whatever it may be, you both know that it’s not serving your marriage well.

The most difficult part of the marriage overhaul is both admitting and owning responsibility for your own destructive behaviors. So begin there: Make a list of things you know YOU need to change. Secondly, talk to your spouse about it in a loving way without accusing him/her for the behaviors.¬†Apologize for your own behavior and renew your commitment to treat him or her differently. Your marriage deserves an Overhaul – it’s better to do it sooner than later! So go and schedule your Overhaul Weekend :).

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