Spend Quality Time with your Spouse

What a nice surprise I received tonight! First just let me say I’m not always overly excited by cancellations. I know that they happen and often for good reasons. I try and look at them as a gift that come when it’s needed. So instead of leaving work at my usual 7 or 8p, I leave at 5:00pm! I had planned to do my own thing, going to the gym, cooking and relaxing at home by myself. You see, my husband enjoys riding his bicycle when I work late. However, he tells me today that he wants to spend the evening with me! He wants us to exercise together and be together. I realized that even after 15 years, it’s nice to know that HE desires quality time together!

So how do you show your spouse that he/she is wanted? And what are you willing to sacrifice so you can spend time with him or her? It’s important to continue to find ways to nurture your relationship. Each person in the marriage needs to know that they are wanted and not only wanted but enjoyed! Surprises still can be a vital part of your relationship and oh how sweet they can be!

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