Tips for Parents for Back to School Routines

It’s such an exciting time for families with their bundle of joys returning to school or starting school for the first time. It’s important to establish a back-to-school routine as soon as possible. What does your routine look like in your home? More importantly, what is the overall tone of your home? Is it one of stress, tension and chaos? Or is it one of calmness, fun, structure, and laughter? The differences in the tone of your home may make a huge difference in how well your children function at school. Just remember, as you become stressed, so will they. And for many children, they may already be experiencing fear and anxiety with their new routine so they need YOU to be as calm as possible.  Be sure and talk to you children about their feelings and encourage them to express them fully. No matter what age, they are still developing their self-confidence so it is normal for them to feel uncertain about interacting with their teacher or peers. Create a time (hopefully over dinner as a family) that you can talk about their day, give them ample time to talk and share. Ask open-ended questions – instead of “Did you have a good day?” (which inevitably will lead to “yes”); ask, “What did you enjoy about the day or not enjoy?” You are more likely to get a good conversation started if you are asking open-ended questions. Be patient with your child, encourage, make time to listen, and keep structure and routine in your home and I’m certain they will have an exceptional year!

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