Summer Family Fun

When we think about Summer, we think about the Texas heat, family vacations, and often hearing “I’m bored” from your stay-at- home children. Summer is a time when structure can go out the window causing some major changes in the lives of our families! So what do you do to bring some sanity and normalcy back to your routine? Start with providing “some structure”. What this looks like can vary, but the point is, we all need structure to bring about discipline in our day.

Think about having your children spend 1 hr per day reading. Require them to turn off their video games and electronics for 1 hr eveyday, ¬†simply to sit and read. Get them involved in choosing their book by taking them to your local library. Also require them to have certain household¬†responsibilities they need to do everyday. Doesn’t need to be overwhelming for them, but can be 2-3 chores per day, i.e, dusting, changing out clothes from washer to dryer, making their beds. These seemingly small chores can help bring about a sense of responsibility and structure.

Enjoy the Summer for what it is…a time of family togetherness and a break from school. The memories your children will have from Summer and family vacations will be with them the rest of their lives – make them memorable!

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